Voodoo Skull


Description: A unique piece based on Voodoo culture on aquarelle paper. Imagery and visuals based on the general view on Voodoo in the media and the traditions of the original religion.

Used materials: Posca markers, Faber-Castell aquarelle pencils.

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Who doesn’t love the macabre? I made this piece a short while ago based on personal fascination. Voodoo is a strange being; It originated in Africa but with slavery found it’s way to the pacific islands like Haiti. It even is common in mostly Louisiana, USA where it has garnered a cult following. Voodoo is an old religion balancing life and death. Mostly the occult side with Papa Legba and Voodoo dolls are known but there are many fascinating aspects to this tribal religion.


Voodoo is intriguing to me. The balance of power, life and death, the symbolism, it inspired me to dive into a bit of the tradition in Africa and the modern versions in the west. The skull and signage is often seen and the paper represents the tabloid-like reporting on Voodoo practitioners.


For this piece I used a background and touches of Faber-Castell aquarelle pencils. I topped it off with Posca acrylic markers for extra effect. All was done on 25 grams white A-3 size paper topped off with old newspaper around the sides. The frame is hand painted wood with a glass front.

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