I was born in The Hague on february 4th 1987, but currently I’m living in the lovely city of Breda where I spend my days as a versatile multimedia designer. I have a background in multimedia design, having received my bachelors degree in applied science studying communication & multimedia design at Avans Hogeschool. After that I have worked as a freelance multimedia designer with several companies and as a councellor for people with disabilities on several fronts (including autism and mental illness).

In my personal life my creativity has been noticable in many different projects, amongst which several stints in (local) radio and television, illustration, as frontman of several bands, volunteering at festivals and events throughout the city and much more.

Suffices to say that I am a man of many interests and passions and it’s this versatility and drive to try everything once that helped me become a well-rounded professional with plenty of knowledge and a friendly demeanor.

I’m Tristan van der Laan. Nice to meet you.