Momentous Valley


Description: A framed illustration on 300gr aquarelle paper of a fictional place based on Monument Valley. Made with water colours and topped with acrylic paint. A tribute to one of America’s most gorgerous natural regions.

Used materials:  Background and touches of Faber-Castell water colour paints and effects. I topped it off with Posca acrylic markers for extra effect


Monument Valley

The north of America is not only known for it’s rich, vibrant community but also for the gorgeous landscape and nature. From the woods in Yellowstone national Park to the Grand Canyon, they all have inspired rich tales and have been recorded many times over and used in film and television. I was inspired by a speicific part though. A friend of mine, a brilliant digital artist, made a movie poster a number of years ago, showing the classic spaghetti western film tropes. Although it was really cool it got me thinkin; Why not create something authentic and new while at the same time going back to the roots using traditional media. So I grabbed my water colours and went to town. The result is a fictional place called Momentous Valley, obviously based on the region called Monument valley between the states of Utah and Ohio and home to the Navajo tribe of native Americans.


I wanted to not only create a new piece but wanted to explore water colours more. The contrast between one of the most dry regions of the united stated mixed with the wetness of water colours I find fascinating. Not only the medium itself but also the extreme colours found in the natural landscapes. Gorgeous, reds, organges, and yellows mixed with shading in brown and black and highlighting in white…. it gave so much opportunity to create something bold, new and exciting. This is te result. A fictional spot in the United States that could be part of your home now!


For this warm landscape illustration I used a background and touches of Faber-Castell water colour paints and effects. I topped it off with Posca acrylic markers for extra effect. All was done on Terschelling 300 gr/m2 aquarelle paper and framed in 50 x 50 cm with a passe-partout. For more information please contact me!

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Dimensions2,5 × 50 × 50 cm


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