Creativity isn’t confined to the context of clients and assignments. During my life I have made and started up several fictional companies as well as launching several personal brands in which a slew of different sides of me could shine.

On this page you can see and read about some of the concepts I have come up with, in which I tried to convey my train of thought as well as opening up about my passions, my interests and my professional goals as a multimedia designer.

cliche design branding

Cliché Branding was a concept I put up to really commercialise counter culture. The design industry is very much following trends and hypes and with this brand I wanted to give a cheeky nod to all the clichés in the field at the time. For Cliché Branding I created several visuals. Contact me for more examples of this anti-design brand.

Triz Reviews was a concept that combined the bitesize news culture we live in with pop-culture. I wrote, designed and planned reviews of old- and new movies, videogames, series and more for Facebook and Instagram, easy to be ingested by the inner geek of any media lover out there.

I love Tiki. This Polynesian god has been an inspiration for many years and has been a topic of many illustrations I made. So much so that I decided to put a brand on it; The Laidback Tiki. An Instagram account on which I display my love for Tiki through artwork and graphic design I created over the years. Check it out here!

Art Injection is a brand that I created with good friend Stephan Schmid. We both are avid amateur illustrative artists but we found out that it’s hard to sell our works without a network. Art Injection offers the opportunity for amateur artists to sell the work they have laying around for a reasonable price so anyone can own a piece of art.