For roughly a year and a half I worked for Spectrum Multimedia & IT, a company dedicated to improve the welfare of people on the autistic spectrum with a normal to higher IQ, by means of multimedia and IT. Some were hopeful to find a job in their respective field, some would find their way back to school and some would remain here or find a better suited place. Key was to make sure their quality of life improved and they would build confidence, self esteem and trust during their time at Spectrum. My role was that of multimedia guidance councellor, using my extensive knowlegde of the the field to provide insight and help out in several ways, inclusing technical questions as well as personal assistance and activation of an often misunderstood and socially inept demographic.

During my time at Spectrum I have been involved in several projects and have organised and arranged multiple (recurring) workshops and presentations. This included day trips to a local radio studio for those interested in traditional media and voice acting, a pub quiz to better social skills and working in groups, helping out hopefuls who entered the Capgemini track with their job interviews and arranging for several outside speakers to come and tell their at the office in Breda. I also was responsible for maintaining social media and created the Wall of Fame, a.o.
My knowledge and experience have hopefully benefited the clients and have inspired them to grow, with several finding their way to videography, audio design and graphic design to name a few, a feat I will be forever proud of.