In May of 2021 something very exciting was going on; After roughly 2,5 years me and the rest of the guys in Rockamole reached 100 episodes of guitar drivenĀ  music on BredaNu. Of course we couldn’t let this slide without a bit of a party and thus a special was made with the subtle name The BredaNu Rockamole Chinchilla Con Carnival Rock Extravaganza. Five hours of rock music on the radio, combined with interviews, live music in the studio and more.

I produced the show, made the visuals, arranged guests and presesenters, hosted myself, booked live music, created custom made audio for the show, all supported by a dedicated team of volunteers to make this day one to never forget. Below you can see a few clips of interviews from the show, some visuals used for promotion and as branding and the logo I created for this glorious event.