I have been making music since I was a little child and have been involved in several bands over the years. One of these was hardrock group Fort ’99 that I fronted and sang in for several years. We had gigs throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, with shows on stages like Mezz (Breda) and and Tivoli-Vredenburg (Utrecht). In 2017 we released “Loudness”, a three-song EP that can be found on your favourite streaming service, including Spotify

I didn’t just sing in the band, I was also responsible for management, bookings, PR, marketing, design and AV-production. I have created a logo, put up a website and was responsible for the artwork that accompanied our Loudness release as well as several posters, flyers and more. Unfortunately the website ceased to exist after the group disbanded but below you can find several screenshots of the work I have done to promote Fort ’99.