Starting in march 2020 during a global pandemic no least, until december of 2022, I began my role as frontman and singer for pop-rock band Den Purls. After their previous singer left the group to explore other endeavours I picked up the role and ran with it. The band had some minor successes, including air time on Pinguin national radio, a spot as musical guests on SBS6 program Bloks Op Zondag, and a gig in Mezz Breda. We have recorded and released several singles with me at the helm as well as a live EP as a result from joining in the Breda’s Most Wanted bandcoaching track.

Aside from my duties as a vocalist and frontman I have picked up the mantle of PR, marketing and design within the band. With an official entry into the Dutch chamber of commerce we all agreed that a professional look and feel was needed so I made haste to create a new logo, a fitting website and brand identity for the band. Aside from this I also created an exciting 6-part video teaser for social media leading into the reveal that I was the new singer for Den Purls as well as directing and editing several videos and creating online and offline visuals to be used as promotional tools.