Not only did I have my own weekly radio show at BredaNu, I’m also actively involved in several major and minor projects in several roles. The network has had succes in the field of journalism and entertainment alike and has been heralded as the starting point of many famous Dutch journalists’ careers over the years. The big productions, amongst which JazzTalk Radio & TV, Sanseveria Radio & TV and more have given me the opportunity to explore multiple fields in traditional media as well as expanding the demographic by helping out developing new media.

Over the years I have been active with the network I have helped out as a volunteer in several ways. I have edited video’s for the carnaval special Sanseveria TV, I was a floor manager for the Christmas special, was the producer for the Corona edition of Breda Barst Radio and Jazz Talk Radio and have helped out editing video items during the Singelloop. I am also an active member of the project team task force that does planning, budgeting and arranging of the bigger specials on the yearly calendar and do the occasional logo- and graphic design for the network like business cards and tv-graphics.